• Substantiated experience in wind industry
  • Production facilities in Germany
  • Independency of core technology 
  • Know-how in wind business (construction, sales, service, finance)
  • Strong international network (developers, banks, investors etc.)
  • Long-term partnerships and after sales services
  • Excellent market knowledge

ORIECO Energy Development Co. is particulary strong in developing renewable energy projects including CPV Solar and Wind power generators. For solar the exclusive brand of it is WEDJAT (Korean brand for CET CPV cells) and is exclusively supplying AVANTIS (wind power generators) from Germany to the Middle east. Although the domain of experiences and activities of ORIECO Energy Development Co. is not limited renewable resources but also in non-renewable resources including development of Gas-bases generators has great networks and experiences. 

CET ’ Brand  for CPV solar cells

“WEDJAT” is  representing eye

of the sun

ORIECO Energy Development Co. is a J.V. company established by major participation of the ORIECO International Co. Ltd., and the CET Holding Co.

CET is a Korean company, created and developed several new technologies for the concentrated photovoltaics capable of converting more than 44% solar energy into electricity. It is the third generation solar cells which utilize almost the entire solar spectrum for the photoelectric effect as opposed to the first generation solar cells of silicon (both mono and poly) and the second generation solar cells of thin film, both using only a small fraction of the solar energy. CET has done billions of USD on renewable energy projects globally. The corporation is prominent in the R&D of the renewable energy.